Plant a Tree

What: Each family to plant a tree or small plant in their residence or in the community, and nurture it spiritually (chant Sai Gayathri, besides taking physical care).

Please visit : for more information and for sign-up

When: Ideally on Sept 5th and 6th (retreat dates). If preferred - it can be done earlier as well.






Back to School Initiative

This would include providing 

Backpacks: Which can be filled with School Supplies (Notebooks, Writing instruments, Coloring instruments,...), and Hygiene Kit for the student ( PPE, Hand Sanitizer,...)

Laptops and Internet Connectivity:  Provide the needy student with a laptop and good internet connectivity ( to support the online classes that are likely the norm due to COVID-19.)

Adopt a school   -    (a) disinfect premises before staff and /or students return for the Fall school re-opening (b) Initiate the S.A.I Tutoring Program (as outlined in National Meeting on July 15th) - Scheduled tutoring  (c) Tutoring Help Line manned by a pool of S.A.I tutoring volunteers. Unlike (b) above this would be - Unscheduled /on-demand tutoring  When: In lead up to retreat


Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Orientation

What: See attached PowerPoint : SAI-Emergency Preparedness.pptx.  Much more detailed information can be found here

When: In lead up to retreat

Emergency Preparedness Kits (EPK)

What: Prepare EPKs that can help oneself and another. See attached spreadsheet that provides a fairly detailed illustration of what your EPK can have.  There is scope for tuning as per your needs. Additionally, here is a site from red cross that can be used as well, especially during these COVID-19 times.

When: In lead up to retreat


Helping Local Shelters / Food Pantry / Homeless 


- Stock the local food pantry(ies). 

- Provide Hand Sanitizers and PPE to Staff at Shelters/Food Pantries/homeless

- Provide head phones to children in Shelters

When: In lead up to retreat